Programmes : Housing Street & other Vulnerable Children

The centre houses street and other vulnerable children in difficult situations.

Implementation of the Project:

Street Children:

Counselling provided to 378 street children and 82 child labour.

44 Awareness camps conducted.

62 mainstreamed through jobs.

222 children through transit

156 children for residential care

45 children got re-united

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  1. Families and other careers of PWDs from villages and slums
  2. Families and caregivers of PWDs
  3. Other Organisations of PWDs in AP state
  4. Families of street and other vulnerable children
  5. Sustainable Livelihood programmes ben efiting families and other NGOs

This project is need-based, and has been worked out after assessing the needs of the disabled people I children in difficult situations I vulnerability of the resou rce poor women in the area and after discussions with several sectorai groups of people, The programs and the services of the project are especially planned to meet almost all the aspirations of the disabled and children in difficult situa tions in the area - prevention, protecnon. rehabilitation including education, skill training , employment. health delivery. resource linkage, guidance . counselling, job placement support etc., - so that they disabled are not negiected in the society just because of their disability.

4. Chlldllne India Foundation (Government of India )

The project ensures rescue and immediate relief to the children in distress . It aims to provide support to the children in need of care and protection. The programme covers children up to 18 years of age. It provides services by telephonic information about the children or children found during out reaching by volunteers. SIDUR is a partner of nationwide Childline network . It is working as support agency at city level H network.

Services provided to the children :

  1. Medical and emotional support
  2. Shelter
  3. Counselling
  4. Re integration into their families
  5. Protection against abuse and exploitation

The broad perspective of the project is to provide protection to children in need of care and protection

Target Group

Children up to 18 years of age who are surviving in inhuman conditions

Area of functioning

Halfof Municipal limit of Hyderabad city

Abandoned children rescued

This intervention revolves around a family living in extreme poverty in Mahbubnagar district. Andhra Pradesh, A few years ago. the mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and the father became an alcohol ic and subjected his family to constant abuse, One day the father put his children on a train to Hyderabad and abandoned them, Some 20 kilometers later. the children got off and realized that they had been abandoned. The railway police referred the children to CHILDLINE.The children were placed in a government home for rehabilitation and follow-up care.

Child reunited with his family:

The child had accidentally got separated from his parents during an interstate train journey and was stranded in Hyderebad. He was picked up by the police and taken to a government shelter heme.Once in the shelter, the officials made attempts to return the boy to his family and though the child did not know the accurate postal address, After a few initial setbacks , SIDUR located the boy's home and was reunited.