Sidur India

Objectives :

  • To work for the social, psychological and economic rehabilitation of street children of urban cities.
  • To engage and assisting in service activities and action programmes to alleviate the appalling conditions of slum dwellers in twin cities.
  • To involve in and assisting the programmes and activities to raise the living standards of the deprived rural and urban poor.
  • To organize and educate women to fight exploitation and striving to ensure them a respectable and right place in society.
  • To offer professional guidance, services, training facilities to project personnel and take up research studies on aspects related to development and health.
  • To provide love, warmth, emotional succor and dignity to the needy, thereby integrating our society to realize the ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.
  • To provide treatment, emotional support, Nutritional support to HIV positives and also to reduce stigma and discrimination in the society.
  • To provide shelter and care for HIV affected and infected children.
  • To educate the community about qualitative potable accessible and effective clean drinking water and sanitation hygienic environs.
  • To provide credit for water and sanitation in urban and rural poor for WASH facilities.