Case Studies

Case Study 1 : Sanitation

Mrs.Rehana Begum is living in Mazeed Area since twenty years along with her husband, three daughters and two sons. They are 7 members in her family. and they do not have an individual toilet and therefore they were facing a lot of problems. They are making use of the community toilet which has its own limitations.

Her family used to live in a hut and five years ago they constructed a house with asbestos sheets. As U.G.D line did not exist at that time they could not construct a toilet. Two years ago they got U.G.D line in their area. Mrs.Rehana‘s husband is an auto driver and drinks a lot .He spends a lot from his daily earnings and the family suffered on account of this. Mrs.Rehana gets up early in the morning and takes her three daughters to Air port area for their daily needs and later attended to her regular work.

Due to his heavy drinking her husband was admitted in Gandhi Hospital and she had to stay with him and her children went through lot of difficulties especially during their morning chores. They found very difficult to go to the community toilet every morning .There were many people using the toilets and they were late to school sometimes even absent .At nights they had to take one of their brothers for help.

Mrs.Rehana wanted to construct a toilet; at that time she heard that SIDUR is giving loans to construct toilets. She approached SIDUR and explained her situation, along with her they have clubbed four more members as a J.L.G team in that area who does not have toilets and gave loans. After taking loan with in 15 to 20 days they constructed toilet in her house. Now Mrs.Rehana and her family members are happy.

Case study - Water

T.Renuka is living in a family of four members; she has two sisters and a brother. They are living in the slum for past forty years. They don’t have water connection facility from forty years.

They use to struggle a lot for drinking water. They had to go 3 kms on foot to pump house. Renuka goes to work in a sewing machine shop and is the only earning person in her family. She lost her parents when she was 8 years old and she is the eldest in the family and she has to work to run the family. The owner of the house is a tailor and after completing her regular work she learnt tailoring work. It was not possible for them to bring water as she goes to work every day. She had to take leave for one day and get water for entire week and she got deduction in salary. They used to hire an auto to bring water if her relatives came home. They used to spend Rs.500/- to Rs..1000/-for drinking water.

SIDUR has come to our area through water and sanitation programme and provided with money to take awater connection . Water and Sanitation for ever (Andariki Neeru) Secure Water and Adequate Sanitation

Case study – Child marriage

Back ground: Kum. Mamatha, 15 years old, dropout of 9th class due to poor economic conditions. Her father is working as a Labour and mother is a Home maker. Mamatha is the only daughter with two other elder brothers. The father wanted to get this girl married to her relative. The arrangements were made and the marriage was to take place.

Contact with Child Line : Mr. Srinuvasu, her school teacher of the girl rang up to 1098 and informed the matter. Immediately the team member rushed to the spot (Shivamma colony, LB nagar) gathered the information through the local Anganwadi Teacher. After the verification of birth records, it was proved that the child is 15 years old,.

Brief introduction: Due to her poor economic condition her parents wanted to get her married to her with their relative as early as possible. As soon as the information was given the facts were collected through the Anganwadi teacher and the parents. Distress circumstances: The information was given to CWC Rangareddy. The collected information was submitted to CDPO. On the day of the marriage ,the team member. ICPS PO, Anganwadi teachers together intervened. The child was taken to the police station with her parents. There was verification, discussion and counseling done for nearly three hours. Finally it was decided Mamatha is only 15 years old, she is not eligible for marriage, because of stopped the marriage, counseled the parents and took her to Government Home, Nimboliadda for shelter

Impact on the child: The child was confused and not able to say anything. She could hardly speak one are two words and she accepted to go to the home. The child is now under the care and protection of the Government Girls ‘Home Hyderabad.

Case Study – Child Labour

Mast.Mousi Background : Mast:Mousi is 12 years old ,he hails from a slum. Both her parents are alive and he has a brother . Due to their poor economic conditions he was not sent to school. Distress circumstances: The child comes from a very poor background. Her father works as a labourer and her mother is a housewife .One of their relatives put the boy for work six months ago with Engineering works . The boy had to work hard the whole day and the mistress used to scold and often beat him up . A concerned adult informed Childline 1098. The Childline team did the fact finding and immediately gave a written complaint to the Joint Commissioner of labour department.

Impact on the child: The child was physically distressed due to heavy work and ill treatment.

Childline intervention: As soon as the call was received from 1098, the team immediately did the fact finding, after which a written complaint was given to the Joint Commissioner Labour department .The officials of Labour Department and the Childline team jointly inspected the work shop of the employer.The boy was working in the work shop.

The case was booked by the Labour Department and the boy was counseled.The case was informed to CWC Chairperson and according to her suggestion provided shelter for the boy at Government Boy s’ Home.

Present situation: The boy is now at Government Boy’ Home and looking happy and healthy. Money was collected from the employer .Two demand drafts were drawn , one as the fine amount of Rs.20,000/-( Twenty thousand only )and another as MWA fine of Rs.13,662/- ( Thirteen thousand six hundred and sixty two only ) on the name of the boy The DDs were handed over to the boy parents and repatriated the child .

Case Study – Child abuse

We received a tip off from a concerned neighbour that Bhagya a 8 year old domestic worker is being sexually abused by her employer. He is an affluent man married with a kid. We came to know that her employer brought her to the city after promising her poor mother that he would provide good education and shelter. However he brought her to the city and began to physically and sexually abuse her. The child wasn’t even old enough to be fully aware of her situation but had complained to her friends in the neighbourhood about the abuse. Luckily one of the mothers probed more into her complaint and called us.

Once we checked the validity of the claims, we filed a police complaint under the authority of Dept of child labour. The child was taken into custody of the Child protection home during this time. The employer tried to pay off the mother and hired a top notch lawyer. However, he was found guilty and has been arrested and had to pay compensation to the child

Case Study 1 – HIV AIDS

37 years old Geetha was deserted by her husband hails from Vanaparthi village Mahaboobnagar district. She was married when she was ten years old. Since then she was subjected to harassment by her in laws .Not able to bear the torture she ran away from home and started living alone. During this period she came in contact with a person and therefore built relationship with him .Consequently she gave birth to three children. She sold her first son for want of money, the second child died and the third child was born with disability. She gradually got into sex work for livelihood. She started to invite clients to her house. The neighborhood was against this and warned her with dire consequences. At this backdrop she was identified by the project staff, counseled and was appointed as a peer educator and is doing a good job in her community bringing about behavior change. As she is trained to work on this project bringing awareness on prevention of HIV and AIDS, she is happy now with work in her hand and getting a regular income. Geetha says” I feel happy working here and I would continue to do so“

Case Study 2 – HIV AIDS

N.Ravi aged about 22 years a native of Cosli in Mahaboob nagar district. His father is a farmer and he has two elder brothers who are married .Since there was drought in their area the family had to struggle in order to earn money. Ravi came to Hyderabad in search of work. He started working as a construction worker in Motinagar.

He was indulging in sexual activity along with his peer group. He did not have any knowledge on safe sex .He was suffering with STD for a long time and could not get treated as he was feeling withdrawn about it.

SIDUR field workers found him in a group session where he showed curiosity to know about the sexual transmitted diseases. Later he was counseled in a one to one session and taken for treatment Now he is cured and also volunteers to work as a peer leader to work among his peers. He is now placed in Motinagar where he is doing a good job, conducting BCC and also helping other migrants to get treatment and testing for HIV.