Sidur India Organises health awareness among the rural, 
        We organized Medical camps, AIDS and TB awareness camps in various places of A.P and Telangana

Secretary Message

"It’s my immense pleasure to present to you the SIDUR profile. The report summarizes the highlights from fiscal year 2013, a year for us in which we focused our efforts on our core mission, the imperative need for a comprehensive integrated developmental approach to tackle complex human problems as well as capacity building to ensure that SIDUR remain a sustainable organization.

In our report we presented the history of all the projects with appropriate data from users, community, referral service providers, as well as the organization short term and long term goals in regard to replication. Most importantly, to give you the clearest picture of SIDUR framework, of where we are and where we are heading. Also enclosed are the financial statements.

We hope this information will be helpful to you in assessing the effectiveness and responsibilities involved with the organization. We salute our well wishers, donors, supporters and collaborators in all sectors.

I shall fail in my duty, if I do not acknowledge the contribution of SIDUR Board and the committed and dedicated cadre of workers. And of the people with whom we work, who are found to be not only cooperative but also reliable. We look forward to your comments and suggestions on this report and renew our commitment to work for effective development partnerships.

- Dr T. Nanda Vardhan

Welcome To Sidur India

Business Development Consultants IndiaSIDUR is the brain Child of like minded individuals who have an understanding of the rural – urban linkages and also acknowledge the imperative need for a comprehensive integrated development approach to tackle complex human problems. SIDUR come into existence in the year 1990 to address the problems plaguing street children, urban and rural poor and Dalits. We the SIDUR family have the opportunity to make a difference for the future and heal the hurts of the people. The years of hard work and compassion helped us to put love into a child's heart, a giggle where there was a frown, and hope where there was none.

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Sidur IndiaWorking for the social, psychological and economic rehabilitation of street children of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
Sidur India Engaging and assisting in service activities and action programmes to alleviate the appalling conditions of slum dwellers in twin cities
Sidur India Involving in and assisting in programmes and activities to raise the living standards of the deprived rural poor.
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